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Choose A Lens According To Your Needs

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Choose the right lens for your camera

Choose the right lens for your camera

If you have SLR or D-SLR, you may need to buy additional lens if you really want to make use of that camera. However, buying a lens for your camera can be quite confusing as there are many different types of lenses available suiting to different needs. Buying a suitable lens will all depend on your use and handling capability. Here are the factors that can influence your decision:

What are the lighting conditions?

Aperture defines the amount of light that can get into your camera. Maximum aperture is written in all camera lenses represented usually by a letter “f”. Low aperture means more light can come into the lenses hence giving a bright photo even in low lighting conditions. Similarly, lenses with higher apertures are not suitable for shooting in dark conditions. The latter ones are usually cheaper. For normal photographers, lenses with apertures f2.4 to f3.2 may be enough. If your lenses are zoom lenses and not fixed then the aperture will be mostly written as f2.8-f5.6. This usually means the aperture of lenses in wide angle is f2.8 and when the lenses are zoomed then the maximum aperture is f5.6. Therefore, you would need to be careful about the lighting if zooming.

Wide-angle v/s telephoto lenses

There are many types of lenses

There are many types of lenses

There are two main types of lenses namely wide angle and telephoto, which is determined by the focal length. Focal length is mentioned in millimeters. A telephoto lens allows you to shoot from a distance but they are more prone to give blurred photos, as the aperture is usually high. Wide-angle lenses on the other hand are brighter and hence good for wild life or nature photography where you need to get the whole background. However, it may not be suitable for shooting portrait photos as it gives an impression that the object is farther than the actual distance and hence distorting the picture. Lastly, wide-angle lenses are lighter and more compact than the telephoto lenses.


Zoom lenses v/s prime lenses

Most people go for zoom lenses but it is important to know the difference between the two for you to take the right decision. Zoom lenses solve the problem of having different lenses for different focal lengths. It is written as a range in mm and shows how much you can zoom the lens. If you want to know the zoom capacity of the lenses in simpler terms then divide the higher range by the lower range. For example if the zoom capacity of the lens reads 18-55mm, it simple means the zoom of that lens is 3 times or 3x.

However, some people also like to opt for prime or fixed lenses, as they are not only lighter and smaller but also have better brightness than the zoom lenses. Lastly, it is easier to correct any errors in fixed lenses.

Other factors that you may want to consider

Apart from these top three factors there might be other factors also that you may like to look into like image stabilization, crop factor, image sensors, color refractive correction and focus shift before buying the right lens.

Start taking photos

Start taking photos

Therefore, buying the right lens depends on your purpose of taking the lens and the kind of pictures you would want to click. When you are buying your lens also factor in the weight and size of the entire camera kit that you want to carry. Lastly, of course price is a very critical part. It is very easy to cross your budget when buying a lens, as there is a lot of variety.

The 5 Best Flirting Tips To Get A Girl’s Number

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Flirting is the first step towards getting her number

Flirting is the first step towards getting her number

So you think that girl’s hot, eh? That’s great, but the question is—do you stand a chance?

First of all, it won’t do you any good to sit in one corner and argue with yourself whether you have the right flirting skills or not. Confidence is the key, remember that. But for you to make sure that you’ll be able to get her number, you need to know the proper “techniques” on how to do it. Remember, most men only got ONE CHANCE to make it happen. If this blows over, you might as well go home and watch late night shows.

So here you are folks, five of the best flirting tips to get a girl’s number—a GENUINE number.

Play it cool

Well you won’t get anyone to look your way unless you come out of your shell. So when you’re at a bar, at a party, or anywhere else, make sure you got that smile ready—especially if you’re looking to hook up. There’s a big difference between confidence and arrogance, though, so make sure you don’t stray towards the latter.

Compliment her

Make a good first impression and get her number

Make a good first impression and get her number

There are limits as to how much you can compliment a girl—as you could come of as, well, smothering. And you don’t want ANYONE to think of you that way on the first impression. So go easy and simple on the compliment—make it real, like how nice she looks in that dress, or how cute she is. Sometimes you don’t even need to say anything—at the onset of the conversation, you can give her this really positive, appraising look—make sure she catches you looking at her so she’ll clearly get the message.

Ask her questions

Asking questions—the right ones—is a great way to start a conversation, especially if you’re not really sure what to say. And you know, most girls like talking, and when you’re tongue tied, it’s much easier to just nod your head in agreement. The important thing is that you show her you’re interested in what she has to say. It won’t be long until she’ll be interested in you too.

Do you know how to touch a girl?

No, there’s no groping allowed. Make sure your touches are light, and that they don’t stray in places where your hands are off limits. You can smoothly touch her shoulder, and see how she reacts to that. You can often tell if the response is positive. You’ll instantly see it in her body language.

Have a sense of humor

You've got her number, now take the next step... Call her

You’ve got her number, now take the next step… Call her

It’s always good to tickle a girl’s funny bone—it means you’re doing something right. Just go easy on the humor though, and make sure it’s appropriate. You don’t want to be labelled a clown, but you don’t want to be thought of as sleazy and indecent either.

If these flirting tips don’t get you a girl’s number, nothing will. These tips are classic. A little practice and you’re well on your way to being a ladies’ man. Good luck!

Brain – Keep It Fit And Healthy

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Take care of your brain health

Take care of your brain health

Brain is the most complex and important part of our body and yet ignored the most. As we age, we all make sure to keep our lungs, kidney, heart, joints and liver healthy. However, there is one part of the body, which controls all other body parts. This is our brain. Therefore, while you try to keep your other parts of the body healthy, what are you doing to keep your brain healthy?

Exercise keeps your brain fit

exercise your body and brain

exercise your body and brain

Research suggests that physical exercise especially aerobic exercise is beneficial for brain. 30 minutes of aerobic exercise everyday has the power that can help in keeping the brain healthy. Therefore, while lungs and heart respond positively to the exercise even the brain reacts positively. Yoga and meditation can also be used to keep the brain calm and healthy. Brain goes through a lot of wear and tear during stressful situation. Therefore, avoid stress at any cost and pamper your brain after every few months by going on a relaxed holiday and doing yoga and meditation.

Watch what you eat

Your diet also plays a very important role in keeping your brain healthy. Eating too much or too less, both are harmful for your brain. Some research suggests that high fiber diet with protein and controlled amounts of fat is good for brain. High sugar content diet is not ass healthy. Fish is known to be always healthy for brain as it contains fatty acids like omega 3, which are known to be good for brain. You can also take omega 3 supplements of various manufacturers. However, avoid supplements and eat more natural food to keep your brain fit and healthy.

Keep your rest of the body fit to keep your mind fit

Whenever you get a disease, depending on how intense the disease is some cells of your brains are permanently damaged. Therefore, if you want to keep your brain healthy, work to keep your rest of the body fit and build your immunity system strong.

Keep all parts of your brain working by challenging them

Protect your brain health

Protect your brain health

Brain is a very complex organ made of countless neurons. If you do not activate them for a long time, they will die and thus cause damage to your brain. Therefore, it is very important to keep your brain active by doing something different everyday. Research suggests that cognitive training helps in keeping the brain much more healthy. Pick up a new learning course, a new language or tease your brain by playing some brainteaser games like sudoku, crossword and other memory games.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Smoking and drinking chemical based alcohols like whiskey, gin and vodka damages cells of your brain. It has an adverse effect on your neuron systems. Therefore, smoking and drinking chemical based alcohols does not only damage your lungs and heart, it also damages your brain.

Just following some simple steps can go a long way in keeping your brain healthy. Lastly, sleeping for minimum six to eight hours in a day is necessary if your want to keep your brain healthy.

Pros And Cons Of Fixed And Adjustable Mortgage

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Learn about mortgages before applying for one

Learn about mortgages before applying for one

One of the biggest expenses that one gets to spend in a lifetime is the mortgage. Depending on the plan that you will get, you have no room for mistake because you’ll end up paying for your wrong decision for the rest of your life. There are two kinds of mortgage paying formats which are the fixed rate mortgage and the adjustable rate mortgage. Here are the things that you need to know about these mortgage formats:

Pros of fixed rate mortgage

There are those who prefer the fixed rate mortgage. This is because payments and the rates don’t change from the start of the first payment. Those who prefer this option are not affected even if there is inflation and even if rates increases in the future. When you have a fixed rate mortgage, you can make easily make your budget. This is because it is easier to manage your money when you have fixed expenses. On top of that, this is easier to understand especially if it’s your first to deal with mortgage payments. However, consider also the cons of fixed rate mortgage.

Cons of fixed rate mortgage

Have you payed your mortgage yet?

Have you payed your mortgage yet?

In case there are changes to mortgage rates, they can’t enjoy it immediately. They have to apply for refinancing. Instead of saving money on decreased rates, you’ll end spending more on refinancing and countless hours traveling to and from the office and filling up forms that might not be important. In areas where rates are high, you have no choice but to pay for their fix rates. However, in these areas, they usually waive the early payment and rate breaks. However, don’t stick to the fixed rate first because the following are the pros of adjustable rate mortgage.

Pros of adjustable rate mortgage

When adjustable rates are properly negotiated, the payments are usually smaller compared to the fixed mortgage rates. This is their way of attracting buyers to buy houses. When there are changes in mortgage rates, they can adjust their payment due without going through refinancing. In other words, you can use the money to buy much more important stuff for your home. Of course, when they have a smaller budget, they have more money to buy other things that are also important for their new home. This option is preferred by sales agents or those that don’t intend to stay in one place. In case they need to transfer, they can do so because of their adjustable rates.

Cons of adjustable rate mortgage

Is this the right type of mortgage for your needs?

Is this the right type of mortgage for your needs?

When you have an adjustable rate mortgage, you are immediately affected. This can mean a larger rate when there is an increase and smaller payment where there is a decrease in rates. On top of that, adjustable rates have many factors to consider and this makes it difficult to understand especially for those that are new to these terms. Choosing the right mortgage rate can make or break your dream of having your dream house, so it pays to choose the right mortgage rate.

Tips To Ensure Your Emails Get Read

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Ensure your Email gets noticed & opened

Ensure your Email gets noticed & opened

Not receiving any responses from the emails we sent is sometimes an insult to us. Especially when we are requesting something from our business partner, we tend to fret that after few days of waiting, we will not hear any update from them. However, before nagging our emotions, we should also ask ourselves if the emails we have sent to them are worth replying.

Making sure they have opened, clicked and read our mails

We are even guilty of not responding to mails we find unimportant. We just opened those messages that arrived in our inbox without even bothering to read them. With just few clicks, we mark them as read and delete them away. This also answers why we never receive responses from our sent mails because the recipients might be also ignoring us. One thing mentioned that could possibly be the reason behind, they find our emails unimportant.

The challenge is how to ensure that once they opened our mails, they would read them and send response.

1) Make your subject interesting and related to the content – your subject line is your opening remarks. Be sure to make it decent and at the same time captivating that readers would be curious on what is inside the mail.

2) Use trusted email address and not just those spam domains. You will not be ignored if your email address reflects a decent company, which you came from.

3) Make your content relevant to your subject and add some images to hook up your readers in reading your mails.

How to make ensure that you get responses?

Write an interesting subject and get them curious

Write an interesting subject and get them curious

1) If you need badly feedbacks from them, you may indicate at the last part of your mail, a polite request that you need responses from them.

2) You can also make them curious by not putting all the details in your mail and just let them shoot you an email if they have further questions.

3) The most important thing is that you make it sure that you have a valid email address capable of receiving responses. There are tons of emails that have been bounced back to senders because of some internal issues. Be sure to check your setting to avoid any further hassles.

What is the important of receiving responses from sent mails?

This is not just about self-satisfaction that you are certain that you have not been ignored. Getting response also reflect how good are you in sending communication because you are able to build up a two-way conversation.

Make sure they read and answer your email

Make sure they read and answer your email

In addition, getting updates from the recipients of your emails can also do well in your business. You can be sure that you have built connection between you and them, even just with those email conversations. Chances are you would be able to expand your network and let your business avail that expansion, which contributes much in your career.

Communication is more effective if you hear back from the receiver of your message. Sending mails and actual conversations are the same, once you are not receiving any replies; you are good as talking to yourself then.