Welcome to the Pedantic Web Group

pe⋅dan⋅tic /pəˈdæntɪk/
overly concerned with formal rules and trivial points of learning

Your data is broken.

You publish RDF data on the web, and thereby contribute to our shared passion: the emerging global information space that we call the web of data. Thank you for that! Thank you for sharing your data!

But your data is broken. Syntax errors, unescaped characters, encoding problems, broken links, ambiguous identifiers, undefined vocabulary terms, mismatched semantics, unintended inferences: If you publish anything on the web of data, chances are that there is some problem.

We want you to fix your data.

We understand that your time is limited. We understand that the standards are complex and it's hard to get things right. We understand that the tools you used are buggy, and that the documentation is poor, and that data publishing is still a trial and error process. We understand that this might be just a side project for you. That's why we are here. Nevertheless, we want you to fix your data.

The Pedantic Web Group is a loosely organised group of practitioners whose projects and products rely on the quality of the data that's out there. We work with data publishers, tool builders, application developers and standards groups towards an interoperable Web of Data.


Active participants

Getting involved

  1. Sign up to the pedantic-web mailing list via the web interface or by emailing [email protected]
  2. If you encounter a suspected interoperability problem in someone else's data or tool, and want confirmation of the problem, please feel free to contact the list.
  3. If you engage with a data publisher about an interoperability problem, please cc the list; this helps us to co-ordinate efforts.
  4. Individual group members may respond to requests for review of RDF data that you have published on the Web.
  5. Note that the mailing list is not a general discussion list or Q&A board, and we discourage any traffic that is not directly concerned with fixing problems with data that is already published on the Web. Most importantly, do not cross-post discussions between pedantic-web and other mailing lists.
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